Why Choose All-Natural Skin Products

Why Choose All-Natural Skin Products


It seems as though “all-natural” has been tossed around a ton lately in the media, however does choosing all-natural skincare really make a difference? The answer: yes! You’d be surprised of the benefits of choosing all-natural skincare.

1.Good for you, Great for the Earth

A great benefit that not many people consider in all-natural skincare is that as you use up your products and it eventually going into the water system, it isn’t toxic to the environment. Using all-natural skincare means that as your products reach the earth and the animals overtime, it isn’t going to harm them. Many products on shelves contain chemicals, synthetics, microbeads, and other harmful ingredients and preservatives. If it isn’t good on your skin, it isn’t good for the earth. We also source our ingredients from suppliers that support fair trade, which has a direct global impact and helps to support small farmers in rural countries. For more information about fair trade ingredients, check out our blog post about it!


2.Less Irritations

Just like the extra chemicals and ingredients in food aren’t good for your body, the same goes for skincare. Your skin is an organ and those chemicals, dyes, and synthetics are all absorbed into the body through it. When your skin encounters a foreign ingredient, it can lead to inflammation and irritation, which are the root cause for almost all other skin concerns. Whether you have an instant reaction or effects occur over time, your skincare could be doing more harm than good. Choosing all-natural skincare will help to ensure your products work in harmony with your skin, without disrupting your natural skin function.

In addition, many products contain synthetic fragrances and dyes which irritate the skin further. Opting for products with natural fragrances will ensure less overall irritation.


3.Parabens in Your Body

Many mass produced skincare products contain parabens to keep them shelf stable. Parabens are a synthetic preservative that gets filtered through the body by our skin and stays within the tissues. In fact, studies have found that 95% of women have at least 5 different types of parabens in breast tissue which can disrupt hormone function and act as estrogen in the body. Too much estrogen is said to cause a range of problems, including cancer.

The Beauty Custom chooses all natural ingredients because we love and respect mother earth, her gifts and the beauty of how harmonious they are with our bodies. All of our products are formulated to be anti-inflammatory using ingredients that are; vegan, fair trade and when possible, organic and naturally harvested herbs.


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