What is a Fair-Trade Ingredient?

You’ve heard of fair-trade products, but what does this mean? Fair-trade products mean that the producers involved in the making of the products used are fairly paid and treated in their work and environment to achieve a sustainable and equitable relationship. 


When you’re choosing to buy a fair-trade product, you know the company you’re buying from truly has good intentions and they would rather spend the extra time and money needed to ensure they are buying from producers in developing countries who have proper work conditions. When you buy a fairly traded product, you know that no one in the making, selling, or buying of the product or ingredients in the products was exploited for the maximization of products and only ethical and non-harmful methods were allowed.


Most of the time, in order for a company to be marked as fairly traded, a third-party group must audit the businesses’ practices. First, they look at the products available and the in-house company. Upon passing the first stage, they asses the supply chain to ensure working conditions and other factors are ethical and appropriate beyond the immediate company. Once everything has been audited, a fair-trade certification may be received.


When it comes to skincare, the ability to search for and buying fair-trade certified ingredients is growing overtime and therefore by buying a fairly trade product, you know you’re placing your money in a good cycle. On top of this, many fairly traded products are often accompanied by vegan, organic, cruelty-free, or other labels demonstrating the product has been through many steps to get it as best as it can be, for you, the environment, and everyone involved.

The Beauty Custom is strictly committed to sourcing ingredients from suppliers that deal in fair trade. We believe, that feeling good about what you purchase is just another layer of our holistic approach to beauty. You can be confident in knowing that you have contributed to the world in a positive way through your purchase of our products.

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